Jobbezeichnung 【Düsseldorf】Technical Sales Engineer
Branche The world's largest manufacturer of mobile data collection devices
Arbeitsort Düsseldorf

We are seeking an experienced Technical Sales Engineer to provide technical support for System Engineer!


-Provide technical training for potential partners

-Develop simple program and provide technical support for customer (In some cases, it can be developed / or outsourced on behalf of the customer)

-Feed back properly customer’s technical questions to SE / Engineers in Japan side


- have excellent experiences of FA solution by using application software

- have good knowledge of Cloud service of Microsoft Azure/SIEMENS MindSphere

- have IoT product knowledge focusing on the both side of “connection” ”communication” between IT system and device

Mandatory Skills:

[Software Development skill]

OT (Operation technology): PLC, Robot, AutoID, Vision Machine control or Automation technology

IT(Information technology): PC, Internet (mainly internet technology)

Ideal candidates will:

1. have an abundant software development experience in IT sector and general knowledge of OT devices


2. have an abundant software development experience in OT sector and general knowledge of IT communication 

 [General Software skill]

- Excellent experience of developing software

- At least one of the following knowledge:

 Windows, Linux, Mac

- At least one of the following knowledge of software languages:

 C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, VB.NET   

[Special Software Development Experience]

-Excellent experience of one of the following software development:

 ANSI-C, MFC, STL, ATL, DCOM, .NET Framework, .NET Core/5, HTML/CSS, ROS, WinCAT3

-Excellent experience of software development which access from PC to FA devices like PLC and Robotics  

Optional Skills:

[General Hardware skill] 

- FA device Knowledge/ any communication knowledge with FA devices

- have excellent experiences for one of the following technologies:

 OPC classic, OPC UA, ORiN, EUROMAP, UMATI, MQTT, BACNET, Modbus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CC-Link, AWS, Azure, GCP

ID 23520